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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Interview: Jesse Herrero of SonSublime


Get to Know: Jesse Herrero of SonSublime

By Exenia R.

NYC International Salsa Congress Blog

August 31, 2010


SonSublime is known for their high-energy, rhythmic and upbeat music – they are a classic Cuban Charanga orchestra (playing styles such as Danzon, Cha-Cha-Cha and Son), with a history of 30 years in New York City. There is a reason they titled one of their albums “Irresistable.” They have sold hundreds of thousands of CDs. And this year, they’ll be at the NYC Salsa Congress!


The Cuban-born band-leader, Jesse Herrero, has been with SonSublime since the beginning. He organized the group in the seventies, by word of mouth, correspondence, and persistent networking. “We found the right chemistry, it was not just the musicianship, but it was also the chemistry of the people.” He told me that they like to call themselves “Orquesta de Nobles” – a band of noblemen, who are like family (some who have known each other for over 35 years), who have great chemistry. They all have the same tastes and get along very well, which is, he noted, key to a good sound.


As the band-leader, Jesse is the self-proclaimed “king of e-mails.” He wears many hats including manager, tour manager, singer and lead vocalist. Despite the fact that he began composing and writing songs at 13, in a Rock & Roll band, he told me: ”I’m kinda proud of this… I rediscovered my culture on the Hudson.”


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