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Sunday, January 16, 2011



Charanga, The Hottest Ticket In Town


Wait too long to purchase a ticket for a Charanga dinner/dance party in Miami and you’ll be left out in the sun.  Never mind Hip-Hop, Merengue, Bachata or Reggaeton events, or event-trendy nightclubs in South Beach.  Charanga music is what discerning sophisticated Latin dancers in Miami want, or so it seems by the recent popularity of Charanga Típica Tropical’s sold out New Year’s Eve event at the D’Class Ballroom in West Miami and this past summer’s Reunion de los Charangueros in Hialeah. 


Charangueros in South Florida have been taking matters into their own hands and producing their own events.  Mostly ignored by the main stream U.S. music industry, radio, T.V., nightclub and event promoters, and passed by as being old hat, passé – a relic of the 1970s and 80s craze, Miami Charangueros are proving them all wrong and showing that this music is timeless and appeals to dancers and listeners of all ages.


Even here in New York City, Charanga music is seeing a comeback with SonSublime, New York’s premier Charanga band, performing at the International Salsa Congress at the New York Hilton this past Labor Day weekend and a sold out performance at the renowned Thalia Spanish Theater earlier in April and another on Thanksgiving weekend.  In a recent interview with Jesse Herrero, SonSublime’s band leader, he commented that sales of SonSublime’s CDs have never been better, selling out of the three albums online as well as at record stores, and in addition, digital downloads are also strong.


No doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing more from the Charangueros; they seem to be filling a void left by the commercial powers that be and their attempts to sell us on what is the “in music.”  


The late great Charanguero Gene Hernandez commented before his passing, “This is music that contains art and of the highest caliber – it’s the Cuban Son and as long as there is dancing Charanga music will be right there ready to please.”  



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