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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Exclusive Video Preview - New Music!


Septeto Santiaguero - Esa Niña, Que Cintura


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This is an "exclusive video preview" of Septeto Santiaguero’s new song "Esa Niña, Que Cintura" from their soon to be released CD entitled “Oye Mi Son Santiaguero.” 

Sepeteto Santiaguero hails from one of Cuba's most vibrant musical towns, Santiago de Cuba.  The birthplace of such legendary artists as Compay Segundo and Maria Ochoa, it is also famous for its "septuagenarians," a seven member ensemble that specialize in traditional Cuban son, guaguanco, bolero, guajira and guaracha music.  At one point considered old fashioned by younger generations, in the 1990s Septeto Santiaguero were among the first to revive the country's musical folk roots with their renditions of songs by legends such as Beny Moré and Los Compadres.


Septeto Santiaguero is currently on summer tour in Europe.  The tour will last 6 weeks and will take the group to 7 countries throughout Europe.  Septeto Santiaguero is an excellent example that son is alive and well in Cuba.  The upcoming release of their new CD,  "Oye Mi Son Santiaguero", will coincide with this summer tour. The CD features some special guests such as Ricardito and Reinaldo Creagh, former members of the legendary Vieja Trova Santiaguera - Keep an eye out for their new CD and a USA tour coming in 2011!


Septeto Santiaguero is also featured on the documentary “The Kings of the Cuban Son” produced by Positivation Films USA. The film will soon be released here in US - you can watch the video trailer at:



While you’re waiting for Septeto Santiaguero’s new CD "Oye Mi Son Santiaguero" to be released, check out their current CD "La Chismosa," available at:






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