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Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Live Music Video!
Encuentro Manzanillero 2014 (HD)


Musical highlights from La Charanga Típica Tropical and Ramiro Aguirre y Su Charanga.  Recorded live at the Deauville Beach Resort, Miami Beach, FL on August 8 & 9, 2014.

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Manzanillo: City located in the south of Oriente Province, Cuba

Manzanilleros: People born in the city of Manzanillo


Agrupacion de Manzanilleros Inc., is a (Non-Profit) organization in Miami, Florida.  Founded in 1965 under the direction of several governing boards to date, this group aims to preserve and maintain Cuban-Manzanillero customs and culture.


The organization hosts fundraisers to collect funds to help Manzanilleros in need of assistance and also to contribute to charitable causes in the community.  The main and most important event is the well-known annual "Encuentro Manzanillero" which has been held in the month of August for over 32 years at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach Florida.  This event, which is attended by many Manzanilleros and friends of all ages, enjoys a celebration of Carnival Manzanillo, pool and beach activities during the 3 days of the event, and performances by local and international musical artists and orchestras.  It is interesting to note that this event is attended by Manzanilleros and friends far and wide from different parts of the USA as well as abroad.


For more info about La Charanga Típica Tropical, go to: www.tipicatropical.com


For more info about Aguirre y Su Charanga, go to:


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