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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Boris Larramendi - Qué Bien Te Quedaba


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“Qué Bien Te Quedaba” a song by Havana-born Boris Larramendi about adolescent love, broken dreams and promises. The life of a teenager and their concerns are much the same in any country, only Boris' was extra bittersweet growing up in Fidel’s Cuba.  The song is a poignant metaphorical comparison and statement.   


Boris Larramendi is a Cuban singer-songwriter living in exile in Spain. After touring and recording with the likes of Habana Abierta and Habana Blues since 1998, he went solo to launch "Yo No Tengo La Culpa" in 2005. He now brings us his latest release “Libre,” a brilliant recording and CD/LP from one of Cuba's outstanding talents.



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