Thursday, November 5th & Saturday, November 7th, 2009 @ 7:30pm

Amor Cubano presents:


New York’s Newest Cuban Singing Sensation!


El Gallito del Son
y Su Trio


Jorge Alberto Gonzalez was born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. He is both a vocalist and composer. In 1988 he formed his first musical group called "Juventud 2000" which performed in different cities throughout Cuba.


The group flew to Barcelona in 1996. Their tour continued through the cities of Arabia, Italy, France, and Mexico. They come to know the great Cuban singer and composer Compay Segundo with which they shared the stage on many different occasions. Compay teaches them the importance of El Son Cubano and its significance for future generations of musicians.


They then meet Polo Montanez which marked for them a new era of composition encompassing the old and the new. They arrived in Miami in 2002 where they shared the stage with the biggest of the Son singers, Israel Cantor. The group then baptizes him as "El Gallito del Son" forming a new group with a traditional sound.


Later on, "El Gallito del Son" worked with el Maestro Cachao; they shared experiences of Cuba and its music.


El Gallito del Son y Su Grupo’s music is heard on the radio, they have participated in different programs on television, El Carnaval de La Calle Ocho, in La Liga Contra El Cancer and are winners of El Premio Ambiente.


Their new album "Distinto Y Diferente" is now available in stores and online.  It features 12 highly danceable songs, including a Ballenato.


Join us once again at Amor Cubano for an evening that truly captures the essence of real Cuban home cooking in a setting that brings together both the classic golden age of Cuba with a more young, hip and sexy atmosphere full of music, dancing, singing and performance art.



Amor Cubano

2018 Third Avenue

(& 111th Street)

New York, NY 10029

Tele: (212) 996-1220


Limited seating. Hurry call and make your table reservations today!

(212) 996-1220


Amor Cubano now has Live Music Nightly, starting at 7:30pm!


Upcoming schedule for this week at Amor Cubano:

Wednesday Nov. 4th - Yuniel Jimenez

Thursday Nov. 5th - El Galiito del Son

Friday Nov. 6th - Yuniel Jimenez

Saturday Nov. 7th - El Gallito del Son

Sunday Nov. 8th - Yuka Seka


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