Areytos Performance Works Presents:


Cuban Dance Workshop

with Sita Frederick & Carlos Mateu


Tuesday Evenings


Level 1:  6:30pm - 7:30pm

(Basic beginner.  No prior experience required)

Learn SON (the origins of On2 salsa), SALSA CUBANA (CASINO) and simple partnering turn patterns for an introduction to RUEDA de CASINO. Afro-Cuban music history and listing comprehension inform each class to help dancers respond to the music with feeling and understanding.


Level 2:  7:30pm - 9:00pm

Explore the richness of Cuban styling in a course based in contra-tiempo (aka SON - the origins of On2) and SALSA CUBANA (CASINO).

Five additional rhythms - Rumba, Conga, Cha-Cha-Chá, Mambo and Mozambique - will enrich and give dynamic range to your dancing.

How to transition between these steps with a partner is a major component of the class.

Class includes more complex turn patterns.


4 Classes $72.      8 Classes $140.


Please pre-register by email: or 646.418.3186

Discount available to couples (second person $64. for 4 classes)

Private Classes available for your busy schedule.

Please ask about our private/group packages.



Location: Harlem Dance Foundation

                 144 West 121 St. (btw Lenox & AC Powell)

                 New York, NY 10027


Trains: 2 & 3 to 125 St.


For more information, please email or call:

(646) 418-3186 or (201) 679-9123



The Instructors:


Sita Frederick (Artistic Dir., Areytos Performance Works) is a choreographer, performer, and dance instructor of Caribbean and contemporary dance forms.  She has studied traditional and social dances from Cuba, Haiti, & Dominican Republic with Ricardo Colon, Richard Gonzalez, Rosamaria Roberts, Pedro Raposo, Marily Gallardo, Ajna Kramer, Pupy Insua, Jean-Leon Destiné, Carolyn Web, Rebecca Bliss, Chino Pons and members of Cuban dance companies from Ban Rarra and Yoruba Andabo.  Her latest dance-theater project, “What Do You Dance On?”,  depicts the tension between Cuban and On 2 Salsa dancers in New York City.


Carlos Mateu - Although an artist-painter by trade, Carlos grew up in Cuba in a vibrant musical atmosphere, surrounded by musicians and musicologists.  His great grandfather was Obdulio Villa (nick named Pabellón), one of the most famous saxophonists of the 1920's, who played worldwide with Moises Simon's band, composer of the internationally known song "The Peanut Vendor."  Carlos learned to dance to traditional Cuban music (Danzón, Son, Cha-Cha-Chá, etc.) as a child from his Grandfather and Grandmother, as dance was integral to any and all family and social gatherings.   In New York, Carlos has danced with a number of local dance groups, such as "Timba Loca", a Rueda de Casino dance group led by Karim Noak, and served as consultant for Sita Frederick's dance-theatre production "What Do you Dance On?"


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