Thanks To All Our Fans For Making 2008

A Spectacular Year! 


2008 was an exciting year for Cuban music and dance.  The overwhelming response from fans here in the New York City metro area, as well as the rest of the U.S. and internationally, has been phenomenal.  Thank you for your e-mails, feedback, comments and for your enthusiastic support of our bands and musical artists at our many events and performances.


The renewed interest in Cuban music, thanks to this new generation of Cuban musicians, stands at the threshold of a possible new era of U.S.-Cuban relations.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before the new administration allows for the renewal of cultural exchange between our two countries.  A new period of openness and appreciation for Cuban music has begun.  May it be the first of many steps towards reconciliation and re-discovery.


All of us at wish you and those near and dear to you good health, good times and great music in 2009! your guide to Cuban music & more…


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Check out our new Photos & Videos sections where we have a collection of snapshots & video clips taken at our many events throughout the year.  We also have our event and concert posters on view.


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